Number 260 of our English newsletter WANDS REVIEW

We would like to announce you that Number 260 of our English newsletter WANDS REVIEW has been completed.

Please find the attached sample PDF, the top page and the top page of statistics.

Number 260, Q1 2018/2019, contains 20 pages.

-Special feature 2017/2018 Japan Wine Market

2017 Wine Market Analysis

2018 Forecast & trends by country of production

-By-the-glass Promotion Boost US West Coast Wines in 1st Semester

-Sales of “Cup Wine” for exclusive on-premise use


Outline of republishing WANDS REVIEW is as follows:

– Title of the publication: WANDS REVIEW, the English-language newsletter

– Delivering style:  PDF file attached to email

– Number of the issue a year: quarterly

– Scheduled issues in 2018/9

Spring: delivered by the end of May 2018

Summer: delivered by the end of August 2018

Autumn: delivered by the end of November 2018

Winter: delivered by the end of February 2019

– Subscription cost: 20,000 Japanese yen a year


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